16 for 16 - I Feel Like Dancin'

I can't believe it! I'm usually horrible with the NCAA Bracket. I'm sure it won't last - so I'm posting perfection while I can. :)

As of Thursday night I picked every game right. I picked the only upset - if you can call it that - Kansas State over USC.

The Illini are sitting out this dance, and maybe that's why I'm doing better?
Who are you picking to go all the way? I have Wisconsin cutting down the nets over Memphis in San Antonio. (After the way the Badgers played tonight - I think I'm in trouble. )


Jon said…
Congratulations Travis on your "perfection"! Although, I see where you picked with your "heart" by picking Wisconsin to win it all. You've got to get out of that "Big Ten" conference! Come on, look to the greatest conference of all time...the ACC! There you will find teams like Duke, North Carolina, etc. And, by the way, I picked the Tarheels to win it all. (By the way, in my bracket...the Tarheels beat Duke in the National Championship game! :))
Travis Penn said…
I'm not doing so well in my bracket today. But I bet you Duke fans just about had a heart attack last night! :)

The Western Kentucky shot over Davison was really something. Looks like we are in for a good tourney!

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