Music Tuesday - The Glorious Unseen

Today's album you will probably either hate or love. With Tonight the Stars Speak there's not much in between. The first time I heard it, I was captivated by the eeriness of the sound and then it turned to an unbelievable feeling of comfort. It expresses the mystery of God and the cry of hearts to Him in prayer.

The Glorious Unseen sounds more like a track title than the name of a band, but their music deserves a listen. I don't know how many of you have found, but a lot of the bands have full tracks on their sites. You can even build a playlist. Check out The Glorious Unseen on Virb.

I also found a video clip of Hear Our Prayers which is my favorite from the album.

Tuesday Giveaway:
The first person to reply to this post can pick whatever song they like from the Tonight the Stars Speak Album. I'm still giving away songs through iTunes gifts, but I'm working on a way to give away songs that won't need iTunes. So hopefully soon, you'll have a choice about how you can download your song.

1. No takers, this deal is over.

Calvary Setlist Sunday March 9th:
Worthy is the Lamb
Holy is the Lord
We Fall Down
Worthy, You are Worthy


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