Vaudeville is Alive and Well

We laughed. We cried. It moved us Bob!

We had such a great time at our CTS Formal Dinner and the Calvary Cafe. It was so great to see something done so well and know that I had nothing to do with it! It's amazing what people can do when the pastor gets out of the way.

The decorations were elegant. The food was delicious. We were served huge slices of roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade bread, and scrumptious green beans. Our servers catered to our every whim. Even delivering extra tomatoes on our salads!

The entertainment was amazing. We had a musical number, followed by a mathematical masterpiece. Mike pulled off There's a Hole in the Bucket as only he can. Along Came Jones was a big hit and the acapella solo was moving. But two of our boys brought down the house with the old extra pair of hands bit. The facial expressions had us falling out of our seats. I can't wait until we can do this again sometime.

You can see the photo gallery of the whole evening here.


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