Music Tuesday - Wonderful Cross

This past Sunday the Lord worked in our hearts as we praised Him. We were singing The Wonderful Cross and it was such a tremendous blessing to think of what our Lord did that we might be reconciled to Him. The lyrics of When I survey are tremendous and time tested, but I enjoy the chorus too:

O The Wonderful Cross
O The Wonderful Cross
Bids me come and die and find that I
May truly live!

O The Wonderful Cross
O The Wonderful Cross
All who gather here by grace draw near
And bless your name.

I know this isn't a new song by any means, but I enjoyed it so much. I thought I would just share my joy!

Tuesday Giveaway:
First two people to email me will get an iTunes gift for The Wonderful Cross by whichever artist you like. (Actually, it turns out you can't buy the Tomlin versions unless you buy the whole album so I'll be giving away the PCD version.) I really like Tomlin and Redman, but I also like Phillips Craig and Dean. You get to pick.

1. Kay.

Here's a youtube video if you'd like to listen now.

Calvary Setlist for Easter:
Because He Lives
Here I am to Worship
The Wonderful Cross
Worthy is the Lamb


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