Music Tuesday - Kathryn Scott - Ashes to Beauty

Here's the latest song that we are working on at Calvary - At the Foot of the Cross (Ashes to Beauty) by Kathryn Scott. After our study on Romans 3, we've been coming to truly understand the idea of a place were grace and suffering meet.

This song is everything I like about an excellent worship song. It is simple. It is easy to follow. It is easy to sing. It is easy to play. It has biblical content. What more could you want?

We hope to add the violin part in too! I'm sure some of you have done this a long time ago. For some reason it just came my way this past week. Maybe it would be something good to fit in during this Easter season.

Here is the video clip... (I'll warn you, it does end rather abruptly)

Tuesday Giveway:
I can't believe that so few people take me up on my offer for free music. This week the first 3 people to send me a reply, I will send you and iTunes gift song of Ashes to Beauty and you can pick the artist. Kari Jobe has a really nice rendition. Of course Kathryn's is the standard. Tammy Trent also does a nice job. Tim and Em also have some good harmonies on this one too. Take your pick.

1. Tammy
2. Steve

Calvary Setlist for March 2nd, 2008
The Everlasting God
He is Exalted
You Are My All in All
I Stand in Awe


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