I stumbled across YouVersion sometime last week. It is a very interesting concept. It's like the wikipedia of Bible Commentaries. (By the way, there is a Bible Wiki site which is a similar idea as YouVersion - I imagine Bible Wiki came first) YouVersion is from LifeChurch I believe.

Basically you have different choices of translations - I personally like NIV, although I have enjoyed reading the ESV this year. But what makes this tool interesting is the community of commentators. You can comment on any Bible passage. You can leave public comments or just notes for yourself. You can leave links or videos or illustrations, or maybe even thoughtful exegesis on the text itself. (Ok, I know the last one is a stretch, but some people still do exegesis!)

Think about this - basically we're looking at a repository for every applicable video, song, illustration, book, story, for any particular text of the Bible. This does have some pretty tremendous potential.

I am a little concerned about wading through all the "junk" to get to good commentary, but you can subscribe to commentators that you like, and you can also use the ratings system to filter some things too. There is also a daily Bible reading plan which I find very helpful.

I don't want to sound like I'm a dedicated user. I just found this app, but I think I'll be checking it out for ideas with particular passages.

Anyone else have any experience with YouVersion or BibleWiki?


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