A Real Friend...

I just started reading Mark Waltz's blog Because People Matter. He was in a car accident this past Wednesday, and you can catch his whole story here. One part of the story caught my eye...

By 10 pm my friend, Kent Ross, pulled into my driveway and announced, "Get your coat. We're going to the hospital." He wasn't urging or recommending. The car was running. He was taking me. Within minutes, our friend, Jennifer, arrived to stay with Olivia until I returned from the hospital.

Reluctantly and painfully I got into Kent's car and checked into the ER. 3 hours later after x-rays, blood and other tests, CAT scans and IV drips, I was sent home to rest with 4 broken ribs and some minor internal bruising. I suppose the trip to the hospital was the right thing to do.

Sometimes you need a good friend to help convince you to do what you really would rather not do. Mark is very blessed to have people like this in his life and I must say, I have a couple of friends like this too.

Sometimes you have to let people make their own decisions, but sometimes you just have to get involved. The tricky part is knowing when to sit back and when to jump in. May the Lord help us all to know the difference.


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