Help Desk - Problem Solved!

I couple weeks ago I posted about an interference problem a friend of mine was having. He tried a lot of different things and finally ended up trying out a Digital Converter Box. He bought the DTX9900 Converter Box from Digital Dream. He said as soon as he plugged it in all of the lines on his TV went away. I'm glad he solved his problem.

Now my question is why would plugging a digital converter box make the difference? Was the interference between the analog signal and the Wireless Internet Receiver? Weird.

Oh well, as long as it's working!

Thanks for everyone's ideas. I'm sure I'll be bringing some other tech questions to you on some future Thursdays.


Mike said…
It's possible that between the new wireless and the C13 tower it caused to much interference. This may be a solution for those with antennas that have had this problem for years! (Hmmm...)

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