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I need some help today. I'm hoping one of you "geeks" out there can come to the rescue. One of my buddies just got wireless to his house from a rural ISP (Internet Service Provider.) Problem is, when he plugs in his wireless antenna to receive the signal it messes up the reception on his television. And if he plugs an ethernet cable into his computer the reception gets even worse.

He has tried plugging in the wireless receiver into different circuits, but to no avail.

Anybody got any suggestions about how to fix this problem?



Anonymous said…
I think I used to have a similar problem when my laptop was in close proximity to my TV, but I discovered that I had a open end on a coax cable splitter behind my entertainment center. That was picking up the unwanted signal. Once I capped that off (or connected it to a component) the interference went away.
Travis Penn said…
Thanks. I'll pass this along. I've had a lot of people ask if this was solved yet, and I don't think he has figured out.

I'll repost if my friend Jeff gets it solved.

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