Music Tuesday - United

Can you have too much United? All of the Above was done in the studio so it's quite a bit different than their live albums. But it still has some quality music on it.

Break Free, Saviour King, and Hosanna all debuted on this album. Desperate People is a great reminder of God's grace coming to rescue us. I think you'll like the "smooth" sound of Found. It is a reminder of the fulfillment that Christ brings.

Solution is standard United. Strong Message and strong riffs. If you like to "jam" this is why you'll love United. Love this song.

As I said in my last Hillsong post, if you like Saviour King, then this is the album for you. It contains a 12 minute and 16 second track of Saviour King.

But I think the best song on the album is probably Lead Me to the Cross. Brooke is great as usual. This song can easily be sung in your church and it has a powerful message as well. You can check out the video clip from youtube.

Tuesday Giveaway:
Just post a comment below or send me a reply. First post or reply will get their pick of an iTunes gift song from any United Album.


Calvary Setlist for Mother's Day:
Come Now is the Time to Worship
Hallelujah, Your Love is Amazing
Above All
We Fall Down


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