My Latest Bad Habit

Back in October, my wife and I found a product that we had never seen before. Hillside has some self-heating beverages. We decided to buy the kids some hot chocolate and I bought a French Vanilla Latte. Basically you open the bottom of the can and it allows some water to mix with some limestone and a little pink button on the side will turn white in about 6 minutes. If you want to see a demonstration check out Hillside's website.

The next morning I tested out this coffee. I hadn't had coffee in probably 20 years. That morning I also had a pretty emotional discussion with a friend who needed a lot of help. I noticed that I had an unusual amount of energy. I thought it was just because of my emotions. As the morning went along I found myself wanting to run places instead of walking. I went to Walmart and I was tapping like crazy on a CD case while I was waiting in line. Then it finally dawned on me - Caffeine. The coffee was delicious and I was hooked.

Ever since that day, I've been trying small amounts of different types of coffee. My wife's cousin got me a Starbucks sampler for Christmas. So far Kenya is my favorite. At church I really like Maxwell House French Roast with some Nestle French Vanilla Creamer. I even like Folger's, though I tried the decaf and didn't care for it too much.

I went to Starbucks and tried a latte and had some Snickerdoodles on the side. I must say the Snickerdoodles were really good, but I think I will stick with my Maxwell House for now.

I've heard recommendations for Bongo Java from Nashville and Intellegentsia from Chicago, but I've yet to try either. When I run out of my Starbucks Sampler I think I'll give them a try.

For the Java Joe's and Jane's out there, what do you recommend?


Christina M said…
Kaldi's Coffee in St. Louis. It's not my favorite ever, but we have it on campus here (that is who runs our coffee shop) and some of their drinks are really good. Also, if you want a cheap cup of really good coffee try Quick Trip; they are like the Porsche of gas station coffee.
Travis Penn said…
Never had any "gas station coffee." For some reason that conjures up really strange images in my mind!


But next time I'm buy a Quick Trip, I may just have to give it a taste.
Jon said…
I'm a Starbuck's guy myself. The "white chocolate mocha latte venti" is my speciality! I love it!

As far as the "tapping on the CD" you mentioned, I find myself doing that all the time, but I thought it was because I loved Jesus! :))

Jon Cannon

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