Is It Really Important to Have a Pro-Life President?

JT has shared another good post about the importance of life in the coming elections. You can read the Evangelical Outpost story Why Pro-Life Presidents Matter and see what you think.

I'm still interested in hearing perspectives from people who are "Pro-Life" and voting for Obama. Please feel free to add to the discussion. I'd really like to hear from people on both sides of this.

Also found this link to an older Piper document about "one-issue voters" in the comments about JT's post. I think it adds to the discussion.


Tyler said…
Hey trav, I created an account just so I could leave a comment. i think this issue is very intriguing over the abortion issue taking a candidate out of consideration. The issue of making decisions based on conviciton or consequence has been waying on me lately. If you are person of conviction then you probalby do not vote for someone against your conviction. A person of consequence weighs out all the bad and the good the person could do. Thats my 2 cents
Tyler said…
Interesting topic. do you make decisions based on convictions or on consequences. Sounds like piper is a conviction based guy. I know the whole idea of if the candidate could do so much good in so many other areas and all the other stuff would be making decisions based on consequence. John the Baptist told his political leader that he was moraly wrong for his adulterous actions and he had his head cut off for it, eventually. Still it was a decision of conviction. I kind of like that.
Travis Penn said…
You like the fact that his head was cut off? Or that he stuck to his convictions? :)

I think the idea of convictions vs. consequences is a pretty good way of looking at this issue.

You always find an interesting way to approach things.

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