Simple by Rob Morgan - Baptism Part 2

I think chapter 4 - Why Should I Get Wet? - has been my favorite so far. Rob deals with 9 Questions about Baptism.

1. What Am I Saying Through Baptism?

  • You are identifying with Christ
  • You have been washed from your sins
  • You have been united with the body of Christ
  • You have decided to live a separated life

This chapter would be great to share with someone considering baptism. The answers to the first question will help people get a grasp on just what they are telling others through their baptism.

2. Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?
Short Answer: No. But I love how Rob Says that though baptism is not necessary, it is not optional either. Why is it that the Baptists are the ones who sometimes seem to de-emphasize the importance of baptism?

3. Is Immersion the Only Form of Baptism?
Rob doesn't specifically answer this question with a yes or no. He says that immersion is the "preferred" form of baptism. When you see how baptism represents the gospel - the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus - immersion must be the Biblical form of baptism.

In our discussion today we came to realize that most of the believers in the "Christian" world have not been baptized as believers. And we also came to realize that possibly a large portion of the world has been baptized (as infants) and has not come to faith.

4. Can Children Be Baptized?
This depends on their understanding. We had a great discussion on infant baptism and I pulled in some thoughts from John MacArthur on the subject.

5. What if I've been Baptized in the Past?
Rob deals with this well, and we've had a few people in our church have to sort through this to deteremine whether they should be baptized again.

6. What if I'm Shy and Frightened to be in Front of People?
The point here is that we must do the right thing, even when it is not easy, or when we are afraid. In our study we had one person share their testimony about their baptism even though they are scared to death of water.

7. How Long Should I Wait after I'm Saved?
Morgan points out that in the New Testament we see people getting baptized almost immediately after their conversion.

8. Exactly What Happens When I am Baptized?
Again, this is another good description that could probably ease some fears of baptismal candidates.

9. I Want to be Baptized. What do I do?
Short Answer: Talk to your pastor.

I'm going to use this chapter with baptismal candidates in the future. I think it will be a tremendous resource.


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