Losing Faith?

The Blog world is a buzz today with the latest findings on Americans switching faiths. Christianity Today has a piece on why it is really hard to count Christians.

Al Mohler has a good summary about the findings...
Evangelical Christians and churches should look at this report closely. There is a wealth of data here that helps to define the mission field we face in America. There are danger signs. Here are several points of concern:Our evangelism is not keeping pace with growth in the population.

  1. Evangelical churches are growing, but falling behind in the task of reaching Americans with the Gospel.
  2. We are losing many young people and many of those who switch from evangelical identity switch to "nothing in particular."
  3. Evangelicals are accustomed to being part of a Protestant majority, but that majoritarian posture is about to be taken away (and already has been in some communities).

All this reminds us of the complexity of our context and the immensity of our challenge. We cannot look at this data with mere interest. These numbers represent real people who desperately need to hear the Gospel -- and to see authentic Christianity made visible.

I agree with his conclusion. Now more than ever we need to see the gospel lived outside the walls of the church house.


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