Friday is for Photos - A Little Snow

Sledding in the Sunshine
(Click on the image to see a higher resolution picture)

The weatherman is saying we are supposed to get between 6-10 inches of snow when all is said and done today. I'll try to edit this post when I know the exact amount. (I think we ended up with 7 inches.) I'll also put in some pics if I get the chance. But until then, (since I'm sitting snug in my warm living room) here is one of my favorite snow pictures of all time with two of my favorite characters.


Christina M said…
I love this picture. What year was it taken? They look a lot older now than in the picture. I hope you guys had fun playing in the snow.
Travis Penn said…
This was the first year I had my Canon, so I think that was 2 years ago.

We didn't go sledding this weekend. I'm afraid we may have missed our chance for the year.

Maybe next year!

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