Music Tuesday - Chris Truett

A friend of mine from college, Chris Truett, sent me an email with some book recommendations and also his church's setlist from this past week. He does an excellent job leading worship for our National Association and serves at Bethel Free Will Baptist Church in North Carolina. Here are his suggestions and setlist...

BTW - Great book I'm reading right now!!! "When God Comes To Church" -Steve Gaines (Pastor of Bellvue Baptist Church in Memphis) A MUST READ!!!!

The BEST book on worship right now that is in ALL the seminaries is "Engaging with God" by David Peterson

Here are 3 of my set lists from Sunday:
1 Let The Redeemed
He Has Made Me Glad

2 And Can It Be (Choir on chorus only)
Come Into His Presence
Sing To The King
Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone
Grace (trpt solo v. 1)

3 Only A God Like You
In the Presence of Jehovah
Oh, To Be In Your Presence

Thanks for sharing this Chris.

If any of you other worship leaders want to share your setlists from time to time, you can put them in the comments section on a Music Tuesday post if you have a gmail account, or just send me an email and I'll be glad to post them for you.

Or even better start blogging and I'll link to your blog! :)


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