Links of the Week - February 16th

Tons of great posts this week. But before we get to the links, I still have 2 songs to give away from the Passion Album if anyone wants one of them. They will disappear on Tuesday if no one claims them!
  • Gilbert really is on a roll with the music posts. These questions are great! (By way of JT from Between Two Worlds)
  • Mahaney discusses Rob Bell and a Pastor's Discernment. I have shown some Nooma videos in our church and I will probably show some more, but they usually come with a disclaimer. Rob Bell is one of the most intriguing speakers of our time. But his focus on the here and now over and above the hope of heaven has been troubling me lately.
  • Pastor Jon is reviewing a book that I think I'm going to have to read.
  • Speaking of books I bet we hear a lot about this one in the next year.
  • I always like free music - I'm not sure how long this one's available, but just in case it is -- check out Tony Morgan's link.
  • If I was doing best blog post titles of the year - this one would have to be up there - Duct Tape and Lavatory from Ron Hunter.
  • My favorite quote this week...
  • In Mexico we have a word for sushi: Bait. --Jose Simon

  • Following the "Emerging Conversation?" You will want to check out this map from Michael Patton. (Again courtesy of JT and Between Two Worlds -- JT Rocks!)


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