Music Tuesday - To The Only God

Here is the first guest post on my blog. My brother Corey is also a big Shane and Shane fan. He stumbled across this song "To the Only God." It is on the album Glory Revealed and is sung by Shane and Shand and David Crowder.

Here's what Corey had to say about it...
This is one of my favorite new songs. It is exactly what it is supposed to be.

First it is simple. The instruments are stripped down and the music is simple to play and it compliments the song with it's serene sound. It's also simple because you are not trying to understand someone elses story. This can be everyone's story. It's a letter acknowledging that there is one God who is for us together and it recognizes that in the beginning and in the end it's all about God.

It's also scriptural--straight from Jude 25. I read recently that a plagiarized bible verse translated into music will always be a great song.

And last, it's singable for the church. When you hear the song one time you will be humming it the rest of the day. We have not inserted this song into a song set yet, but I can already see that it is versatile. It can prepare hearts before message or can be sung as a rally cry during dismissal.

Also it's for all days. If you have hit bottom it's a song to remind you that God will keep you. And if your life is going great it's just a reminder that again, it really is all about God. It's not in our efforts, abilities, programs, preparation... It's all about Him.
Thanks for sharing this Corey.

Here's the youtube video and they even break down some of the chords for you.

While I was checking out youtube looking for this song, I found an incredible R.C. Sproul video clip that shares the gospel and uses this song for background music. It's kind of long, but it is so worth it. This would be a great answer to anyone who asks "Why doesn't God offer more than one way of salvation?"

Tuesday Giveaway:
The first person to respond to this post will get To the Only God as an iTunes gift song. I'll post the winner below so you'll know when the song is gone.


Calvary Setlist from this past Sunday:
He Is Exalted
I Will Call Upon The Lord
Dwelling in Beulah Land
Wonderful Cross
Glorify Thy Name


Don Pennington said…
Thanks for putting that video clip of the Glory Revealed song on there. I lead worship at my church and this will be a great song to bring people to a quiet reverence and focus on God's majesty.

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